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Why waste hundreds of money to get a shiny and beautiful paint finish for your car! Now a new product that saves time, money, effort and nerves !!

CNP-Certified Nano Protection 30 ml is certified ceramic coating for all painted surfaces. 

CNP coats cars, boats, airplanes, household appliances. . . 

Coating hardness is in Mochs scale 9H!

The coating is extremely high and is very easy to apply. 

Lasting 1-2 years. When using all three products it lasts up to 3-4 years! 

The CNP Shield 30ml is a product that is comparable to CNP, but has a CNP duration and shine. CNP Shield contains more volatile compounds. 

Lasting 2-3 years. 

CNP Reload 100ml is a water repellent coating for paint, plastic, glass, canvas and many other surfaces. 

Its last on the car's paint surface is about 6 months.  If the car is coated with a ceramic coating of CNP, the water can be added to the car by an extruding protection reload, even when it has reached a dust-dry surface. 

For paint, glass and other hard surfaces, it is easiest to spray it on a microfiber cloth or wax sponge and spread it in rotating motion. 

Drying time approx. 30min. Ready for use after drying time. The final cure takes place after two days. 

For best results, use all three coatings together: CNP, CNP Shield and CNP Finishing with Reload. 

Our CNP series products have a permanent nano ceramic coating and are a German certified quality product. 

CNP features high gloss, hydrophobic surface, scratch protection, chemical resistance, UV protection and high heat resistance, up to 750 ° C. 

All products can also be used individually. 

Our range also includes the top-quality coating detergent CNP Wash & Protect.

We recommend using it for maintenance as well as for protection of previously uncoated surfaces! 

For windshield defrosting, we recommend trying our new CNP Fogstop

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